Top Tips for a relaxed Wedding in NI

Today we are looking at easy ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your wedding day. To be mindful, is to live in the present, experience all the moments and forget the 100s of other things on our mind. Prevent the worry and stress from overruling your mind on your day. I dream for all my brides to embrace their wedding day, be fully engaged, appreciating the gift of marriage and celebrating with all their loved ones.

Your wedding day should not have a reputation of stress and anxiety, remember it’s your day to celebrate your love and the new life step you have taken together. It’s not your parents, not your bridesmaids, it is you and your partners special day.

Your wedding day will come and go, in the blink of an eye. I love being able to see your day from beginning to end; the buzz in the girls house (us girls always say the best bit out a night out is getting ready together, are you with me?!) to the dance moves at the end of the day. Let us think about getting into the correct mindset so your day can be fabulous no matter what.

Here are some tips for your day;

Be Thankful

Be still and think. You can do this by writing it down or saying it out loud to yourself, or whisper it. Some of my lovely Bride and Grooms write letters to each other, and open them on the morning of the wedding. Being thankful should be shared with the people you love. Tell them!

Family and friends have traveled near and far to celebrate with you, so make sure to take time on your wedding day to say thank you. You’ll also want to express gratitude towards your vendors, venue, and wedding planner/bridesmaids who helped make the day come together.


Close your eyes. What do you envision when you imagine your wedding day? Where are you? What are you doing? What does it look like? Who’s there?

Are there hugs, laughter, possibly some emotional tears? Or is it just the two of you, together? Visualise your other half standing there. What words come to mind when you see them?


Do you know what matters most to you? Have you thought about what matters most to your partner? Communicate and listen to what’s most important. Remember there are no rules when it comes to your wedding day. Get deep with this. Go beyond the wants and into the why’s of each decision you make and come at it from a place of purpose, always with your core values in mind. Making conscious decisions will result in your wedding being a true reflection of your relationship.

Make decisions from the heart

Choose like-minded vendors who align with your core values and select people you can visualise yourself spending a lot of intimate time with. It’s important that you feel like your desires and dreams are being listened to and that you feel heard. Feeling comfortable expressing yourself and having a great rapport is so important for you to have a connected wedding day experience. There are so many decisions so take the time and think through the seating plan, where will the guests go, where will we throw confetti, what time do we cut the cake? Once you have made the decisions and you trust your heart, you will be feeling calm and stress free because you’re confident your decisions are rooted in your truth.

A few days before, make sure to spend time doing things you love and reconnect with yourself. You want to enjoy every visit from loved ones to your home before the day, you want to have a positive mind set and aura. You should be allowed to be yourself, with no distractions, dramas or stress.


I remember the stillness as we were getting ready in the foyer, before walking down the aisle. My photographer grabbed my arm and said “you’ve got this”. She could see I was going to burst into a stream of tears. I suppose the morning had been so fun and exciting, and now when I ‘breathed’ I was overwhelmed with emotion. I loved that moment. Holding my dads arm, knowing that this was it, I was going to marry my love. All the planning and getting ready had led me to this point, and I was ready.

Breathing in for 1, 2, 3, 4 and out, can settle your mind and still the nerves, so you can fully enjoy your surroundings. I was so busy enjoying myself walking down the aisle, seeing all my friends & family, I nearly forgot to look out for my husband to be! (Giggles) When I did realise I was getting near the top I then looked for him and it was lovely.


Use your hands sense of touch. Feel your freshly curled hair. Touch your dress, feel the fabric in your fingers. Hold your partner’s hand, soak in the warmth. Close your eyes and taste that cake flavour. You really are the best when it comes to choosing cake flavours. This is experiencing the moment.

Some practical tips..

Eat breakfast. Eat a really tasty breakfast…Sometimes nerves can make you forget to eat, but in order for you to have a healthy, happy mind throughout the day, your body needs energy. Enjoy a light and healthy breakfast to give yourself a clear mind and a body full of energetic joy. Why do us girls struggle with this, when the men have a full cooked irish breakfast? There are some lovely catering options are out there for a bridal party breakfast, delivered straight to your door.

Get ready early. Not 5:30am early, I mean get everyone on one site if possible. You do not need to be driving about on the morning of your wedding when vendors are happy to come to you. Relax, and get your makeover in your own home. If they come to your home, you save so much time, stress and you can get ready at a sensible time, limiting the possibility of rushing and arriving late to get married.

Delegate. Your to-do list on your wedding day should be short and sweet: get ready, get married, and celebrate with loved ones.

All other day-of wedding tasks should be delegated to someone else, whether it be a planner, helpful family member, or a member of the wedding party. You have spent months planning, but now it’s time to let go and simply enjoy the day. If something hasn’t gotten done by now, it may not be a part of your wedding, and that’s okay. 

As you can see, with these several tips on your side, your chances of actually enjoying your wedding will become a lot higher.