Sunrise at Mussenden Temple : Pre Wedding Engagement Session in Northern Ireland

Captured at Mussenden Temple by Tiffany Gage Photography

What is every photographers nightmare? Harsh lighting.

If you want to get golden images with soft warm skin tones, then shooting at sunrise is a MUST to get those golden orange hues! Did you know I only shoot at sunrise or sunset for couples and family shoots? Of course on a wedding day it’s a little different and I’m there from beginning to end, rain hail or shine, making sure to pop out for some sunset imagery later in the day.

Not a lot of people know that this is the best time to have your images taken, and I love to share my expertise and knowledge with my couples in this area. If you’re not a photographer how would to ever know? Well let me tell you friend, it is flipping awesome and you’ll see why below!

There are no harsh shadows or strong light at dawn or dusk, perfect for dreamy soft tones. We usually plan our session around the light, which really means, if sunrise is at 5am then that’s when we meet or if it’s at 8am… you get the gist. Winter sunrises are beautiful in Northern Ireland and are around the 8am mark… not too early at all! TOTALLY manageable…. have I convinced you yet? Did you know elopements in Ireland are always planned around the light at that time of year, just ask me or a wedding planner?

This beautiful couple met me at the beach in November, and yes these images look like the middle of summer! Why? Because it was a super mild morning and the sunrise was red and golden. A true beauty, next to no wind, it was almost perfect conditions to celebrate their engagement.

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