Secrets to Getting the Absolute Best Wedding Photos

Who better to tell you the secrets to amazing photos at your wedding than the wedding photographer behind the camera? When your wedding day has been and gone, and all the fun and excitement of getting married is over, your photographs are the only physical memories you have to remind you of your special day. So of course, it is important to get them right! In my years of experience as a photographer, I’ve gathered some handy tips and hints to ensure you are fully prepared for your photographs so that you have the most happy and beautiful images to look back on forever. 

Get a dress that you can still move about and dance in

Although you might have a super stunning, tight dress in mind that you look beautiful in, keep in mind that very few of your photographs will be of you perfectly posed. It is important to choose a dress that is not only incredible to look at, but that wont restrict you, and will allow you to enjoy easily moving around the room, dance, and mingle with your guests. You don’t want to end up looking like a cling-filmed robot on the dancefloor in your pictures. Go for something stunning but versatile and enjoy your day safe in the knowledge that you’ll look natural in your album! 

Pick the right location

Make sure you choose a location to get married that matches your idea for style of photography and the theme of your wedding.

  • City vibes
  • barns
  • beaches
  • churches
  • breweries
  • cliffside

and country garden weddings all have very different styles, meaning your images will look totally different depending on what you go for. Remember the location of your wedding is the backdrop and the setting for your photographs, so don’t regret what you see when you look back at them. Go for exactly what you want, scope out the area, and decide on your perfect style. 

Plan your timeline around the best light

Different weather, months, and times of the day can make for very different images. If you’re having a winter wedding, the sun will set a lot earlier than in the summer. The couple should check what time the sun will set on their day, and plan accordingly. It may mean having an earlier ceremony so that they can make use of the light afterwards for photo opportunities. If you’re having a summer wedding, you will have many more hours of daylight, and are therefore far less restricted with ceremony times. However, it is likely that you will get incredible golden hour sunlight which can make for some stunning images, so it is wise to either plan to have dinner around that, or be prepared to nip out mid-meal to benefit from the dramatic lighting and orange hues. 

Make a list of all the family formal photos you want and get the best man to organise 

Planning out and providing your photographer with a list of shots you would like on your wedding day is not only very helpful for your photographer, but it means that far less time is taken up on posed family group images, meaning we aren’t cutting into your day trying to get organised. Keep in mind that your photographer doesn’t know your family, so it is a good idea to ask the best man or bridesmaid to be in charge of collecting everyone and bringing them to the photo location. It makes everything run more smoothly and shortens the process, making it enjoyable.

Hit some quiet locations for couple’s photos

For people who are not used to being in front of the camera, it is MUCH harder to relax into a photoshoot with your partner when your friends and family are looking on, “aww-ing” and fussing over how in love you both look. Allocate some time to hit some quiet spots with your photographer so that you can relax and feel more comfortable, making for more natural images. Being away from the hustle and bustle means the experience is less daunting, and you can hear and easily communicate with your photographer. 20 -30 minutes just the three of you is more than ideal.

Plan a sparkler or confetti entrance

A confetti shower or the use of sparklers are great ideas for your wedding day. They both work well to get everyone involved in the same activity, and the colours make for excellent photos. They always provide the photographer with the opportunity to snap some real, happy, natural reactions, and special memories for the couple and their guests. Make sure to check out some biodegradable confetti options if you’re conscious of the environment!

Find a photographer you trust

You will find that your day is more enjoyable if you have hired a photographer you can trust. Make sure you have checked them out on social media, gone through a range of their more recent images, and even asked them to see full albums. If they have shot at your venue before, specifically ask for those photos, and get some advice at the same time. It is a good idea to meet up with your photographer before you book, or have a skype meeting, to make sure you get on and are on the same page. You can also arrange to have an engagement shoot with them, which allows you and your partner to become comfortable with them, and being in front of the camera, like a trial run before the big day! You can even use the images on your save the dates, making for a lovely extra touch. 

Arrange to have a day after session

Some couples prefer to opt for a day after session as opposed to an engagement shoot. This allows you to travel to locations like the Mourne Mountains or the causeway coastal route. You’ll still be high on the excitement of being married, so capturing that intense love and emotion in a stunning setting is a great way to keep the excitement of it all going that little bit longer. 

Tan with caution! 

It is not uncommon for brides to want to be bronzed for their wedding day, but make sure you do so with caution! Tan lines can ruin even the best of photographs, and it may cost you extra for your photographer to edit them out as they will need to use photoshop to manipulate. I edit my photos with my signature style of colours and gentle airbrushing techniques.

Make sure your poses are natural

My style is real and romantic. It is my aim to move unobtrusively throughout your day, capturing spontaneous moments as they happen. When it comes to couple’s photos, I like to focus on capturing real, honest emotion and intimate connection. I capture natural moments to ensure you’re getting a realistic and true reflection of your day in your images, so that you can look back and relive your day in as much authenticity as possible! 

Your photographs are a lasting memory of one of the most special days of your life, so make sure you have done your research and know exactly what you want to look back on. To enquire, get a quote, or if my photography style is what you’re looking for, click here!

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