A Murlough Bay elopement, vows at Dunluce Castle & photos at the Dark Hedges

A multi-day elopement ensures that you hit the best locations at the right time. If you go when the light is strong or setting in the wrong direction, you’re going to miss getting that stunning landscape backdrop in all your images. Let’s face it, it’s pretty important to capture the breathtaking details that Northern Ireland provides for your images. During a two to three day elopement, you can visit multiple locations, living that dream vacation life, exploring all the hidden local spots. It’s important to go to the perfect scapes at the right time so we have the whole place to ourselves. This provides such a good atmosphere for relaxed and candid imagery. I personally loved the hand made vow books, that the brides sister made for her elopement trip to Northern Ireland. We headed to Murlough Bay Co Antrim for sunrise one morning. My couple, shared their vows at the iconic Dunluce Castle with a local celebrant guiding the hand fasting ceremony. We headed to the Dark Hedges the next morning for sunrise.

A Mid Summer elopement in Northern Ireland

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