Northern Ireland Engagement Photography | Mourne Mountains NI

Engagement Photographer in Northern Ireland

When it comes to getting engagement pictures taken, most people from around here are really nervous. For some it’s their first time having professional images taken together.

I have heard a thousand times that “we’re not great at having our picture taken” and I tell you back, that I completely understand but to wait and see what we produce together, it will make you SMILE.

I have the ‘gift of the gab’ as some call it in NI, and I love to get to know my couples. Building a real relationship with you, allows you to be more relaxed when you’re with me. I guide you through some movements, so that you’re never feeling stiff or posed still. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable and allow you to create those beautiful moments between you as a couple. I shoot a mixture of candid shots and guided images… don’t worry I am with you every step of the way.

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We set off before sunset along the Mourne mountains in Northern Ireland. It was cloudy at the top of our summit, but the sun peaked out on our return down hill. It was great to feel its welcome warmth. Summits can be cold and windy but worth it!

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