irish elopement Kinbane Castle Northern Ireland

Kinbane Head: Castle ruins elopement, NI

Intimate elopement ceremony with hand fasting

Kinbane Head is a little gem, hidden out of the way. In fact most locals never make it down to see where the castle once stood. It offers unique views of Rathlin Island, the Atlantic Ocean with its beautiful white cliffs covered green grass. Initially hidden from view, what remains of the gate tower and land, is revealed as you leave the carpark, and stroll down the steps and along the side of the cliff.

USA couple traveled along the Causeway Coastal Route to the perfect spot in NI

This couple form the USA, planned their elopement in a few months with some help and guidance from Tiffany. She advised that a sunset ceremony would be ideal with the late summer date, and the sun did pop out for a few minutes at the end. The weather in Northern Ireland changes quickly but is usually mild all year around. The couple met Tiffany and the celebrant at the top car park, and made their way down, to Kinbane. When the couple chose a nice spot near the ruins, the excitement just bubbled as they begun their vows.

Elopement Photography Northern Ireland

I hope you agree, this couple have amazing photos to send their friends and family back home. What a great location to have all to yourself on your wedding day. Just perfect for those who may be a little shy. This location offers much privacy and intimacy away from the tourists and crowds. This only adds to the magical feel of your elopement ceremony.

You can get legally married in Northern Ireland or do the legal bit at home, in the states, and have your vows and ceremony here along the coast at any spot you like.

Elopements are bespoke off road adventures

This tailored way of having your day is possible with local vendors who will travel to any off road location, to ensure you get the best imagery and ideal setting for your special ceremony.

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