Dunseverick Castle Elopement with Sheep


Just before a rain storm blew in, we were able to explore Dunseverick Castle Ruins. The field sweeps down from the road, leading to a perfect little mound for you to walk down to. The swoop creates a majestic backdrop for your elopement or vow renewal images. The only the obvious ruin is a small residential masonry tower which stands proudly.

My couple chose Dunseverick Castle for their Northern Ireland elopement location. I think Dunseverick Castle is one of my favourite places for an elopement ceremony in Northern Ireland, which is why I featured it on my elopement guide as a location.

If you’re looking for one of the best places to elope in Ireland, I would highly recommend Dunseverick Castle for your Northern Ireland adventure elopement because sometimes there are lots of sheep grazing the land. It also leads onto a cliff path walk if you wanted to extend your session to gain more cliff drops and shots in your adventure.

PS it really is an adventure walking down the sloped landscape, it’s usually a little damp and can be mucky in places. No high heels allowed!

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