You are a modern, relaxed bride, who cares about connection and romance. You'll find me chasing classic beauty, warm sunsets and relaxed times.

Secondly, you should know I'm a wedding photographer in Northern Ireland, my home.

Wedding Photography

in Northern Ireland

My main mission is to capture the beauty, emotion and romance between you and your other half on the day. I love spotting those candid moments.

I am here to serve you with an incredible experience, making sure to put you at ease when infant of the camera. I'm not going to make you feel awkward and pose you in still stances. My speciality is directing even the most uncomfortable, camera-shy people.

You will find more information about weddings here. If you wan to skip over to my price and frequently asked questions page click here.

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If you're interested in booking your wedding photography with me, simply fill in a contact form. Let's see if our dates match up. I usually get back to you within a few hours. Check your junk mail.

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I never book a wedding without having.a consultation with you first. Chats will usually happen over the phone or video. This time is important to ensure we will be a good fit for one another and an opportunity to answer questions.



I'll provide you with a quote for your chosen package, which includes a payment schedule and contract for you both. This secures your date.